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I am proactive, organised, and make sure all my work is adaptable to suit each individual's needs. I am confident in providing the best support possible due to my extensive experience in the industry.


I like to challenge my students and I hold very high expectations of them. Together we will cultivate a desire to learn and improve.  I will help students develop a positive attitude towards learning French. My students enjoy themselves; we learn and laugh together.


My aim is to provide excellent quality French tutoring to all my clients and help them reach their full potential. I am passionate about improving my students' confidence in reading, writing, and spoken French.


I create a relaxed and welcoming environment for all my students. I am comfortable teaching all language levels and I work hard to inspire my students and make learning a new language a positive experience.

"When I started my business 6 years ago I realised it would be useful if I could speak French. I started as a complete beginner and a few years on I can now converse confidently with my French clients. I can’t thank Valou enough for how much she has helped me grow my business. We also offer this to employees, and everyone has taken the opportunity to learn a new language - it's a really unique job perk!"

Philippa Smith, MD at Silver Swan Recruitment


"I decided that I wanted to move to France so started lessons with Valou to learn as much as possible with the time I had. It was incredible how quickly my spoken French improved. Valou is a fantastic teacher who I can highly recommend."


Ben, London


"Valou has helped me with every aspect of my French over the past 6 years. We have revisited grammar, read novels and newspaper articles in French and discussed them. Perhaps the greatest thing has been the help with my French house. She has helped me write letters to my French bank, car insurer, utilities, companies - even my French tax and the CESU to pay my housekeeper. Valou is thoroughly professional, enormous fun and saves me a fortune!"


Annabel Allott, Clapham Society


"I learn French just as a hobby as I love the language. I have weekly lessons which I love. Valou has become a good friend over the years and whilst I have lessons because I enjoy them I have learnt so much and am now an advanced French speaker. Her lessons are fun, engaging and very productive."

Sarah, French-enthusiast

"Valou is a dedicated professional, her lessons are well structured without being intimidating and she is positive and encouraging. I’m delighted with the progress I’ve made and look forward to each lesson."


Carol Doble, Beginner Level

I was predicted a C grade in my French GCSE but less than a year of tutoring with Valou led to an A*. Valou is a tutor unlike any other, I could not recommend anyone more highly.


Olivia, GCSE Level

I could not have asked for any one more knowledgeable, professional or supportive than Valou.  She ignited my passion for the language and has propelled me to sustain my interest in French, long after I finished school. I would not hesitate to recommend Valou."


Eleanor, A Level Student

"When's my son's school was unable to offer French A-Level, Valou single-handedly taught him the syllabus. Thanks to her dedication, he achieved a top mark in his recent AS exam - thank you!"

Kathryn, proud parent

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